Research Associate Program

The Joggins Fossil Institute is dedicated to the continued research and study of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site. In support of this mission we have developed a Research Associate Program to encourage scientists to apply their expertise to the further study of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

Program guidelines


The Joggins Fossil Institute’s (JFI) Curator of Palaeontology may, upon recommendation of the Science Advisory Committee (SAC), appoint — on a temporary basis — Research Associates to carry out specific research projects. The timeframe for appointments for Research Associates may be up to three years, with options for renewal upon request. Research Associates are required to provide a short report (including relevant publications) on their progress on an annual basis.

Statement of purpose

The activities of a Research Associate must support the mission and mandate of the Joggins Fossil Institute. The work of a Research Associate may be curatorial in nature. Research Associates must provide their own research funding.


All Research Associates work under the auspices and with the support of the Institute. Their appointment will be for a renewable three year term. The application for Associate status will be evaluated in terms of likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes, candidate’s suitability (including credentials), relevance to the Institute’s mission, demonstrated research skills, references, and the Institute’s capacity to support the work. Both the original application and the application for renewal should include a recommendation from the staff liaison member and/or Director, if applicable.

The responsibilities of both the Institute and the Research Associates are outlined below.

A. Application for Research Associate status should include:

  1. research or specialist credentials of the applicant;
  2. description of proposed project including background, methodology, and anticipated outcomes;
  3. relationship of the work to the Institute’s mission;
  4. plans for disposal of forthcoming material (eg. Research notes, reports, manuscripts, specimens or artifacts collected for the project);
  5. resources and/or privileges required to support the work;
  6. time-frame of work.

B. In accepting the title, each Research Associate will agree to:

  1. use his/her honorary title in matters relating to the Institute’s project and with discretion in other instances;
  2. provide a report annually and at the end of their tenure or when applying for renewal;
  3. acknowledge the support of the JFI on all publications relating to the RA’s research project and ensure that the staff liaison person reviews such material prior to publication.
  4. be prepared to share all research findings undertaken as Research Associate with JFI Curator of Palaeontology;
  5. alert the Institute to any findings which may have an impact on Institute projects or activities;
  6. notify the Institute in advance of publications, conference papers and posters where Institute-related research is presented;
  7. abide by all related legislation (e.g., apply for Heritage Research Permit when applicable).

C. In appointing a Research Associate, the JFI will agree to provide various special privileges in order to support the project. These will be described in the application and determined on a case by case basis. They may or may not include any of the following:

  1. library privileges;
  2. privileged access to JFI collections;
  3. photocopying;
  4. use of JFI letterhead;
  5. use of JFI mailing services;
  6. reproduction of photographs;
  7. honoraria for specific projects;
  8. computer/internet access;
  9. letters of introduction;
  10. permission to make long distance phone calls;
  11. payment of page charges for publications;
  12. access to work space;
  13. access to research equipment.

D. The Institute will name a staff liaison member for each Research Associate who will:

  1. monitor and assist in the use of special privileges
  2. assist the Associate in any other administrative or operational matters;
  3. keep the Associate informed of any staff regulations or information that might affect the Associate;
  4. report to the SAC every year on the work of the Research Associates; approve use of Research Associate title in any published work.

Application forms

If you have additional questions or wish to submit an application please contact our Curator of Paleontology Dr. Melissa Grey at All applications are reviewed by the Joggins Fossil Institute Science Advisory Committee.


We have office space to accomodate visiting scientists as well as a basic laboratory:

Published: 2016-05-05