Melissa Grey, Ph.D.

Curator of Palaeontology

Melissa is a palaeontologist with a background in Biology and Zoology. She has lived and worked across Canada, but is happy to be back in her home province studying fossils.


  • Ph.D., Geological Sciences: University of British Columbia (BC)
  • MSc, Zoology: University of Guelph (ON)
  • BScH, Biology: Acadia University (NS)

Work experience

  • Research Assistant for Project Seahorse (Fisheries Centre, UBC) (2002–2003)
  • Paleontology Research Assistant for the Geological Survey of Canada (2001–2002)
  • Naturalist at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre (2001)

Broad research interests

My overall research interests involve finding answers to fundamental questions regarding the tempo and mode of evolutionary processes as they apply to morphological evolution and speciation. The fossil record is the primary source of information about rates and patterns of evolution as it allows for a deep-time perspective coupled with the potential to use rigorous statistical techniques.


Published: 2016-05-05