Science Advisory Committee

The JFI Science Advisory Committee is composed of scientists from Maritime universities and government departments. This is a volunteer committee whose mission is to: provide expert and comprehensive advice and support to the JFI on scientific matters respecting the development, conservation and management of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs property, the content of the Joggins Fossil Centre’s programs, scientific research related to the fossil cliffs, and scientific issues arising from the site’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Committee also assists in reporting on the status of monitoring programs and state of conservation of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs property.


Chair: Dr. Jeff Ollerhead

  • Provost and Vice-President, Academic & Research/Professor, Mount Allison University
  • Served previously as Department Head and Dean of Science and Graduate Studies
  • Areas of interest: include coastal evolution and salt marsh restoration.

Dr. Nikole Bingham-Koslowski

  • Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)
  • Areas of interest: sedimentary basins, invertebrate paleontology, carbonates

Dr. Suzie Currie

  • Dean of Pure and Applied Science, Acadia University
  • Areas of interest: comparative physiology; environmental stress; marine and freshwater systems.

Dr. Lynn Dafoe

  • Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada
  • Areas of interest: sedimentary basin geology; trace fossils.

Dr. Tim Fedak

  • Curator of Geology, Nova Scotia Museum.
  • Areas of interest: paleontology, museum collections

Dr. Melissa Grey

Dr. Jason Loxton

  • Instructor, palaeontologist at Cape Breton University
  • Areas of interest: graptolite evolution and taxonomy, science communication, and teaching

Dr. Julie Paquette

  • Environment Canada
  • Area of interest: migratory birds

Amy Tizzard, P.Geo.

  • Regional Geologist, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

Dr. Grant Wach

  • Professor, Dalhousie University.
  • Areas of interest: petroleum geoscience.

Sean Weseloh-McKeane

  • Coordinator, Special Places, Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.
Published: 2016-05-05