Request for proposal: Snow Removal Contract (Nov, 2020–Apr, 2021)

by JFI staff

The intent

To supply labour, equipment, materials and transportation necessary to remove snow from the Joggins Fossil Centre, 100 Main Street, Joggins, Nova Scotia.

Scope of work

The Joggins Fossil Centre is staffed throughout the winter months and is open by appointment for visitors. It is important that access to the site is available at all times for daily access and in case of emergencies.

The Joggins Fossil Institute requires that the driveway and limited areas of the parking lot, are ploughed, and all ploughed snow deposited in specified locations on site to avoid build-up.

Snow removal should be automatically undertaken when levels of snowfall reach a minimum of 5 cm, or upon contact by staff of the Joggins Fossil Institute. Removal should be complete by 9am when possible.

All proposals must provide a quotation for the cost of the removal of snow on a “pay per plough” basis (the JFI does not wish to enter into a contract for unlimited ploughing but rather on an as required basis).

Proposal information

Your proposal submission must be accompanied by information on the following:

  • Full cost for the project on a “Pay per Plough” basis

Closing date

Friday, November 6, 2020, at 4:00 pm.

Proposals can be emailed to:; faxed to: 902-251-2502; or mailed to: Jordan LeBlanc, Joggins Fossil Institute, 100 Main Street, Joggins, NS, B0L 1A0


Submissions will be assessed in a number of criteria including but not limited to price (the lowest priced proposal may not necessarily be accepted). Only the company, organisation, or the individual selected to undertake this project will be contacted.

Thank you in advance for your interest.